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Seitan in Pink Coconut Sauce with Curried Cashew Nuts

Seitan Strips Green Peas Tomato Sauce Garlic Red Onion Thai Curry Cashews Coconut Milk (use the canned version, the drinkable varieties are too thin) Spices Cumin Jalapeno Salt Fry the seitan, red onion and...


Cannellini-Chickpea Stew and Spicy Okra

I’m particularly excited to share this because yesterday was the first time that I tried fresh okra and it was delicious! It wasn’t quite what I had expected. I made the mistake a few...


Vindaloo Lentil Patties

These take a bit of time to make but it’s worth the trouble, they’re delicious. Autumn Lentils Creamy Natural Peanut Butter Old Fashioned Oats Olive Oil Fresh Cilantro Red Onion Vindaloo Jalapeno Cumin Salt...