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Cheddar Pesto

Since I’m such a foodie you’d think I’ve been making my own pesto for years, right? Made my first one last week. Well as they say, better late than never! Pine Nuts Fresh Basil...


Foodgasmic Penne

Did you read about the visit to the Italian restaurant that my husband and I went to last year? The one where Sergio recommended a bit of honey on my gorgonzola pizza, remember?  http://exercisingfoodies.com/2018/02/03/pizza-for-foodies/...


Festive Spinach Tortellini

Added fixings make this simple dish absolutely delicious. Fresh Spinach Tortellini Field Roast Chipotle Grain Sausage (very spicy) Roasted Garlic Cloves (I buy mine from Whole Foods) Roasted Corn Green Peas Brie Extra Virgin...