Seitan in Pink Coconut Sauce with Curried Cashew Nuts

Seitan Strips
Green Peas
Tomato Sauce
Red Onion
Thai Curry Cashews
Coconut Milk (use the canned version, the drinkable varieties are too thin)


This is my favorite brand. They have a cubed variety too, but I prefer strips

Fry the seitan, red onion and spices until the seitan is crispy and the onion soft and browned.
In a separate pot, heat the tomato sauce and add peas, finely chopped garlic and *Thai Curried Cashew nuts. Let it putter on low heat until the garlic have softened, then add coconut milk and stir thoroughly, lastly add your crispy seitan and stir again.
*If you want the cashew nuts to stay crispier, add them at the end instead.

Whole Foods sells these, they’re amazing

Look how delicious it looks!

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