Welcome to the Eating Revolution

The revolution has been brewing for a while now and it is amazing.

We the members of this revolution do something revolutionary. We eat.
We don’t spend each meal thinking about how many calories there may be in what we just put in our mouth. We don’t comment on how we really oughtn’t eat that piece of cake that someone offers us. We say thank you and we eat it with delight and will still eat later when we’re hungry for dinner.
We exercise with joy. We put our running shoes on and run with our favorite song in our ears because we can and because we enjoy it. We don’t count our steps, we don’t count calories, we don’t run to burn them. We run, walk or go to the gym because we want to and because it is good for us, body and mind.
There is a young woman in Sweden named Linda Marie Nilsson who was interviewed on the radio a while back. It was one of many appearances that she’d been invited to of late, many of them international. What she did was revolutionary. She put a picture of herself wearing a bikini on the beach on Facebook. In 12 hours, she had 72 000 likes. Seventy-two thousand likes! From all over the world. As she said herself, had she been 10 pounds or so slimmer she wouldn’t have gotten this attention, people do after all post bikini pictures of themselves on Facebook quite often.
This tells us many things. I think of two specifically, first people are tired and exhausted to have to keep up this appearance of having what society says is the perfect body. It also tells us that in today’s world this is a revolutionary attitude, courageous and groundbreaking.
Think about this for a while. Do you know people who rate how good or bad they are depending on what they eat? A comment or two at every meal? How they ate too much, what they should do later to burn it off, or how many meals they have to skip since they’re eating so much now. Or someone who often skips dinner because she or he had a large snack in the afternoon and have decided that they can’t eat anymore that day.
These comments are so common, mentioned so casually that it’s as if it’s a perfectly normal thing to say. It’s almost expected. Notice next time you have a family dinner, when you’re out with your friends, or when someone shares food photos on Facebook with a comment that they’ll roll home after eating it.
Notice how much time and energy is spent on thinking about, feeling guilty about and regretting what’s being eaten. It’s a lot.
It doesn’t need to be like that. It’s fully possible to love what life has to offer, love the wonderful smörgåsbord of variety that we have the luxury to partake in. Food isn’t dangerous, it isn’t bad, or something that you need to feel ashamed of.
Imagine the opposite.
With all this said, there’s a lot to say about eating healthy food. And by that I don’t mean low calorie, low carb, low fat dishes. I mean real food, with lots of calories and nutrients cooked in a healthy way. If you eat good food and you exercise, you’ll be able to run up the stairs in the subway instead of standing in the long line on the escalator. You’ll be able to lift heavy things and carry your groceries home. You’ll have healthy skin, shiny hair and a sharp mind, and you’ll be able to Fika as we say in Sweden and enjoy your coffee and pastries with your friends while you focus on the conversation instead of feeling guilty over how many calories you just ate.
It is a revolution!

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